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Geodesy 27-Apr-2017 05:26
Subject : [IGSSTATION-7010] Multiple Firmware Upgrades [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED] (39907)
From . Geodesy - geodesy@ga.gov.au
Date : 27-Apr-2017 05:26 - en-US
To : igsstation@igscb.jpl.nasa.gov

Author: Ryan Ruddick

The firmware was upgraded at 2017-04-27T00:00Z at the following stations in our South Pacific Regional GNSS Network:

MAJU Sept PolaRx4TR 2.9.6
SOLO Trimble NetR9 5.22
POHN Trimble NetR9 5.22
PTVL Trimble NetR9 5.22
KIRI Trimble NetR9 5.22
PNGM Trimble NetR9 5.22
CKIS Trimble NetR9 5.22
LAUT Trimble NetR9 5.22
TUVA Trimble NetR9 5.22

At the same time the meteorological sensors at these stations were changed to record observations at 10 minute intervals.

Kind regards,

National Geodesy and GNSS Operations Team
Geoscience Australia

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