Description des composantes de l’IGS

SOA (Station-Operating Agencies) Manage the IGS stations according to the IGS Site Guidelines and transmit the data to IGS Data Centers
DC (Data centers) Archive and provide open access to IGS Data and products
AC (Analysis centers) Analyze the IGS station data to form submissions to IGS products such as orbits, clocks, and station positions
ACC (Analysis Center Coordinator) Combines the ACs' submissions to form the "classic" IGS products (GPS orbits, clocks)
CB (Central Bureau) Overall coordination and day-to-day management of the IGS, and this information system
GB (Governing Board) The international body which sets policy and direction for the IGS. Some positions are elected and others are appointed.
PP (Pilot Projects) Aim at developing a new product using data from the IGS network
WG (Working groups) Work on a particular topic related to the IGS components
AM (Associate Members) Persons at contributing organizations who spend the majority of their time on work that contributes to the IGS. The associate members are the IGS' electorate.


IGS Organistation
Connexions entre les différentes composantes de l’IGS