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Rolf Dach 22-Dec-2016 14:17
Subject : [IGSMAIL-7400] Open position at AIUB (37037)
FROM . Rolf Dach - rolf.dach@aiub.unibe.ch
Date : 22-Dec-2016 14:17 - fr-FR
To : igsmail@igscb.jpl.nasa.gov
Stations : AIUB

Author:  Rolf Dach

Dear Colleagues,

The group “Satellite Geodesy” of the Astronomical Institute of the

University of Bern (AIUB) offers the position for a


The focus will be on studying the electron content of the plasmasphere,

the outer region of the co-rotating Earth's upper atmosphere, from GPS

data collected onboard a multitude of low Earth orbiting (LEO)

satellites, e.g. Swarm, Sentinel, and the upcoming COSMIC-2 satellites

additionally also providing GLONASS data.

The work will mainly focus on science issues, but includes technical

issues as well, e.g., LEO orbit determination including improved

pre-processing techniques. Based on clean and properly calibrated slant

TEC pseudo-observations derived from many LEO satellites, the

specification of the 3-D plasmasphere electron density shall be

envisaged. In view of a greatly improved spatial coverage offered by

current LEO satellites, different approaches for reconstructing 3-D

plasmasphere electron densities may be investigated to reduce

dependencies on a priori models to the extent possible.

The complete position description is available at


Please circulate this information within your institute.

With best regards

Rolf Dach


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