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David Maggert 09-Nov-2011 21:44
David Maggert 24-Aug-2009 23:35
Neil Weston 15-Oct-1997 13:21
C. Garcia Martinez x2088 A141 gmv/fcsd/oad 07-Oct-1997 16:16
Subject : [IGSSTATION-4647] BLYT: receiver swap (30528)
FROM . David Maggert - dmaggert@unavco.org
Date : 09-Nov-2011 21:44 -
To : igsstation@igscb.jpl.nasa.gov
Stations : BLYT
Dear Colleagues,

The USGS replaced the faulty NETRS receiver at the Blythe, CA (BLYT) IGS
station. The updated site log has been sent to the Central Bureau.
Data publication will begin soon. Here is the new receiver information.

3.12 Receiver Type : TRIMBLE NETRS
Satellite System : GPS
Serial Number : 4927175272
Firmware Version : 1.2-5
Elevation Cutoff Setting: 0
Date Installed : 2011-11-08T22:18Z
Date Removed : (CCYY-MM-DDThh:mmZ)
Temperature Stabiliz. :
Additional Information :

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Best Regards,
David Maggert