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David Maggert 18-Sep-2015 16:26
Subject : [IGSMAIL-7156] IGS stations decommissioned: CAGL, CAGZ, CCJM, CFAG, (32565)
FROM . David Maggert - dmaggert@unavco.org
Date : 18-Sep-2015 16:26 -
To : igsmail@igscb.jpl.nasa.gov
Dear Colleagues,

The following stations have been decommissioned from the IGS.

Site Location Reason
CAGL Cagliari, Italy station decommissioned at EPN
CAGZ Capoterra, Italy station decommissioned at EPN
CCJM Ogasawara, Japan station decommissioned per IGSSTATION-4300 message
CFAG Caucete, Argentina station decommissioned due to vandalism
DUBR Dubrovnik, Croatia station decommissioned per IGSSTATION-5095 message
KOSG Kootwijk, Netherlands station decommissioned at EPN
MDVO Mendeleevo, Russian Federation station decommissioned at EPN
OSJE Osijek, Croatia station decommissioned at EPN
SLOR San Lorenzo, Honduras station decommissioned at NGS
TRAB Trabzon, Turkey station decommissioned per IGSSTATION-4963 message
UMTA Umtata, South Africa station decommissioned per request of station operator
UNFE Ferrara, Italy station confirmed decommissioned by station operator

The final site logs can be found here:


Best Regards,
David Maggert
IGS Central Bureau
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From Stefan.Schaer at swisstopo.ch Fri Sep 18 07:45:30 2015
From: Stefan.Schaer at swisstopo.ch (Schaer Stefan swisstopo)
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 2015 14:45:30 +0000
Subject: [IGSMAIL-7157] Old SVN36 reactivated
Message-ID: <5d2d4c01cfc54d6cad99f268601da844@ST01001A.lt.admin.ch>

SVN36, a Block IIA satellite launched on 10 Mar 1994 (as PRN06), has
been reactivated (as PRN10). Note that this GPS satellite is equipped
with SLR retro-reflectors. "All-in-view" tracking stations of the IGS
network have been receiving its signals since day 261 (18 Sep 2015):


This PRN is already included in the analysis (and orbit prediction
scheme) at CODE.

The CODE AC Team
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