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Mikhail Kogan 09-Feb-1999 22:25
Neil Weston 15-Oct-1997 13:21
Roman Galas 03-Jul-1995 22:11
Springer Tim 13-Jun-1995 18:13
Subject : [IGSMAIL-2152] CICE being re-located (21607)
FROM . Mikhail Kogan - kogan@ldeo.columbia.edu
Date : 09-Feb-1999 22:25 -
To : igsmail@igscb.jpl.nasa.gov
Stations : CICE
IGS Electronic Mail Tue Feb 9 13:25:22 PST 1999 Message Number 2152

Author: S. Fisher
Subject: CICE being re-located

Dear Colleagues,
Sorry for the late notice, but the Turborogue operating at CICE is being
permanently relocated to a nearby monument due to construction activity
near the current location. The station will be off-line for the next (at
least) several days while the receiver and antenna are relocated, a tie
survey is conducted, and the communication link is re-established. A new
log form will be posted at the CBIS once we begin publishing data taken
at the new location. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Steve Fisher Phone: 303-497-8046
UNAVCO Fax: 303-497-8028
3340 Mitchell Lane sfisher at unavco.ucar.edu
Boulder, CO 80301 USA http://www.unavco.ucar.edu/

[Mailed From: Steve Fisher ]

From Angelyn Wed Feb 10 16:46:27 1999
From: Angelyn (Angelyn)
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999 16:46:27 PST
Subject: [IGSMAIL-2153] Updates to CBIS documents

IGS Electronic Mail Wed Feb 10 16:46:27 PST 1999 Message Number 2153

Author: Angelyn Moore
Subject: Updates to CBIS documents

Dear Colleagues,

The following documents have been updated on the CBIS:

1. "Standards for IGS Stations and Operational Centers"

2. "Procedures for Becoming an IGS Station"

3. FAQ

4. Publications page

#1 now includes section 3.10, Reporting of Status Changes, which
provides guidelines on when IGSMails should be sent.

#2 and #3 refer to this newly added information.

In addition, #1 and #2 now feature a change history at the bottom to
help the reader determine what alterations have been recently made.

#4 now allows retrieving IGS documents via the ftp protocol. This
may offer improved access to our PDF documents for our colleagues who
have had trouble retrieving these via http.

Best regards,
Angelyn W. Moore, Ph.D. Deputy Director, IGS Central Bureau
JPL/Caltech Angelyn.W.Moore at jpl.nasa.gov
4800 Oak Grove Dr. MS 238-540 voice: +1 818 354 5434
Pasadena CA 91109 USA http://igscb.jpl.nasa.gov fax: +1 818 393 6686

[Mailed From: "Angelyn W. Moore" ]