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Subject : [IGSMAIL-7253] Properly Naming your Rinex 3 files (32723)
FROM . Nacho Romero - nacho@canaryadvancedsolutions.com
Date : 23-Feb-2016 11:19 -
To : igsmail@igscb.jpl.nasa.gov
- DOMES : 40148M001
Authors: Nacho Romero, Infrastructure Committee Chair
David Maggert, Network Coordinator

To all station data providers currently providing RINEX 3 files as part
of the IGS network. Please at your earliest convenience implement the
correct naming scheme for your RINEX 3 files as the old RINEX 2 names
for the RINEX 3 files are no longer appropriate.

In the enclosed pdf is a set of recommendations that you may find
useful, but many different organizations have implemented their own
renaming methods, and some vendors already allow correct naming of RINEX
3 files but clearly not all so some action from Station Operators is needed.

The RINEX 3 format clearly defines the new naming structure:

To find your "IGS station long name" go to http://igs.org/network click
on "Options" , and in the first column "Site" select the checkbox "Long
Name" to show the name expected by the IGS for all stations. If you
disagree with the country code in the Long Name assignment please inform
us quickly so as to avoid confusion, for now all stations have "00" for
receiver and antenna.

Again this affects only RINEX 3 Station Data Providers (previously "MGEX
stations", now called "multi-GNSS stations") .

The data files acceptable for the IGS continues to be; Daily (30sec),
Hourly (30 sec) and Highrate (1sec) 15 min files. The "expected" name is
assumed, if you have doubts please let us know. If you base your long
name on the current filenames you are delivering as part of "mgex" then
the name will be fine.

RINEX 3 filenames are very flexible for the benefit of the entire GNSS
community, but the IGS will not be taking advantage of that full
flexibility, so continue to submit properly named 24 hour files, 1 hour
files and 15 minute files only.

RINEX 3 file deliveries with the short names can now be discontinued to
avoid confusion, once you have confirmed the new filenames are fine.

RINEX 3 files with short names will continue to be accepted for FIVE
more months at least, and will be stored as always in the "/mgex"
campaign directories in the different IGS Data Centers.

RINEX 3 files with the correct long names will be merged into the
regular IGS GNSS data repository together with the RINEX 2 files, and
you can see them there now, since the start of 2016.

Station RINEX 2 files with their regular names can be submitted in
parallel to RINEX 3 longname files for as long as you want, as they may
serve different communities, all RINEX data files will now be stored
together for easier access and "discoverability" by all GNSS data users.

Best regards,

Ignacio (Nacho) Romero
Aerospace Engineer, PhD
IGS Infrastructure Committee
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Gracias por su colaboracion.
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