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David Maggert 05-Nov-2012 16:26
David Maggert 14-May-2012 23:08
Neil Weston 15-Oct-1997 13:21
Subject : [IGSSTATION-5162] LONG: equipment upgrade (31029)
FROM . David Maggert - dmaggert@unavco.org
Date : 05-Nov-2012 16:26 -
To : igsstation@igscb.jpl.nasa.gov
Stations : LONG - DOMES : 50135M001
Author: David Maggert, UNAVCO

Dear Colleagues,

On November 2nd, 2012 the USGS installed a new Topcon choke ring antenna model code TPSCR.G3 at the Longdon Yard (LONG) IGS station. This station has a custom radome that has been installed at the station since 1997. Unfortunately this custom radome does not have the necessary calibration to continue to participate in the IGS network. As a result, UNAVCO will no longer be forwarding this data to CDDIS or IGN. For non-IGS use, data from this station will continue to be available at UNAVCO along with an updated site log.

Should the IGSCB decide to keep this station, then we will send an updated site log and publish the data at CDDIS and IGN.

Maintenance and operation of this site is performed by the USGS.

Best Regards,
David Maggert