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Colucci Giuseppe 27-Jul-2007 12:15
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Subject : [IGSSTATION-1697]: VENE station down (28177)
FROM . Colucci Giuseppe - giuseppe.colucci@telespazio.com
Date : 27-Jul-2007 12:15 -
To : igsstation@igscb.jpl.nasa.gov
Stations : VENE
IGS Station Mail 27 Jul 03:16:10 PDT 2007 Message Number 1697

Author: Giuseppe Colucci

I regret to inform all of you that VENE station is down and it will not be
resumed. Due to unsolvable logistic problems, all the equipments will be
moved to a new site (proposed VEN1). I will send you more detailed info when
Any effort will be done to collect data and to do some survey in order to
link old VENE to new site.

For other details, please contact Dr. Franco Vespe (ASI, Italian Space

Best regards,
Giuseppe Colucci
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From ruud at unavco.org Fri Jul 27 10:24:56 2007
From: ruud at unavco.org (Oivind Ruud)
Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2007 11:24:56 -0600
Subject: [IGSSTATION-1698]: KUNM: data outage
Message-ID: <46AA2A68.3070303@unavco.org>

IGS Station Mail 27 Jul 10:24:58 PDT 2007 Message Number 1698

Author: Oivind Ruud, UNAVCO

Dear Colleagues,

We are unfortunately having some ftp data transfer problems from the
Kunming, PRC (KUNM) IGS station. The outage started on July 19th
(2007.200). There are problems with the local ftp delivery, but we are
hopeful that the missing data can be retrieved once the connection has
been restored. Any data outages will be reported at that time.

We apologize for the inconvenience this outage may cause.

Maintenance and operations of the KUNM station is a collaborative effort
supported by JPL, UNAVCO, and the Yunnan Observatory, Chinese Academy of
Sciences with funding provided by NASA's Earth Surface and Interior
Focus Area - Science Mission Directorate.

Best regards,

-Oivind Ruud