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Sujet : [IGSMAIL-5514]: AOA1: permanent operation discontinued on Dec. (25260)
De . Dave Stowers - dstowers@anathema.jpl.nasa.gov
Date : 21-Dec-2006 22:05 -
À : igsmail@igscb.jpl.nasa.gov
Stations : AOA1
IGS Electronic Mail 21 Dec 13:05:59 PST 2006 Message Number 5514

Author: Dave Stowers

Following a very long (since 1994) and successful term at the Allen
Osborne Associates facility in Southern California (AOA is now part of
ITT Aerospace/Communications Division), the IGS site AOA1 will be
retired today as the facility is moving to a new location.

Many thanks to Allen and the AOA staff for their role in development,
manufacturing, and maintaining the equipment that has been used
extensively and for many years at JPL and within the IGS.

Best regards,


From Angelyn.W.Moore at jpl.nasa.gov Thu Dec 21 18:16:11 2006
From: Angelyn.W.Moore at jpl.nasa.gov (Angelyn W. Moore)
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2006 18:16:11 -0800
Subject: [IGSMAIL-5515]: New IGS sites MOBJ, TIXJ, CONT
Message-ID: <458B3FEB.5010804@jpl.nasa.gov>

IGS Electronic Mail 21 Dec 18:16:14 PST 2006 Message Number 5515

Author: Angelyn Moore

Dear IGS Colleagues,

The following sites have been added to the IGS network.

MOBJ is in Obninsk, Kaluga Region, Russian Federation and is a GPS/GLONASS
station. TIXJ is in Tixi, Yakuta, Russian Federation. Both are in the RDAAC
family of stations and contribute hourly GPS+GLONASS data.

CONT is in Concepcion, Chile and is connected to a hydrogen maser. The
timescale product coordinator will undoubtedly request that IGS ACs process this
station if possible.

You'll start seeing these stations in IGS maps and lists soon.

Best regards,
Angelyn W. Moore, Ph.D. Deputy Director, IGS Central Bureau
JPL/Caltech Angelyn.W.Moore at jpl.nasa.gov
4800 Oak Grove Dr. MS 238-540 voice: +1 818 354 5434
Pasadena CA 91109 USA http://igscb.jpl.nasa.gov fax: +1 818 393 6686