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Sujet : [IGSSTATION-5300] Decommissioned: AMMN, CASA, CIC1, CSN1, DARR, (31166)
De . Robert Khachikyan - robertk@jpl.nasa.gov
Date : 20-Feb-2013 19:36 -
À : igsstation@igscb.jpl.nasa.gov
Stations : AMMN, CASA, CIC1, CSN1, DARR
Dear IGS Community,

Please note the following stations have been formally decommissioned from the IGS network
due to the following reasons:
- monument no longer exists
- station replaced by another
- no longer meets IGS requirements
- data outage for many years
- etc.

ammn | Amman, Jordan |Receiver: ASHTECH Z-XII3 | Antenna:ASH700936D_M SCIS
casa | California, USA | Receiver:ROGUE SNR-8000 | Antenna:AOAD/M_T DOME
cic1 | Ensenada, Mexico | Receiver: ROGUE SNR-8000 | Antenna: AOAD/M_T NONE
csn1 | California, USA | Receiver: TRIMBLE NETRS | Antenna: AOAD/M_T JPLA
darr | Darwin, Australia | Receiver: TPS LEGACY | Antenna: ASH700936D_M NONE
dyr2 | Diyarbakir, Turkey| Receiver: ROGUE SNR-8000 | Antenna: AOAD/M_T UNAV
jab1 | Jabiru, Australia | Receiver: ASHTECH UZ-12 | Antenna: LEIAT504 NONE
kwj1 | Marshall Islands | Receiver: AOA SNR-8100 ACT | Antenna: AOAD/M_T NONE
leep | California, USA | Receiver: TPS NET-G3A | Antenna: ASH700936A_M SCPL
lhas | Tibet, China | Receiver: AOA SNR-8000 ACT | Antenna: AOAD/M_T NONE
long | Califonnia, USA | Receiver: TPS NET-G3A | Antenna: ASH700936A_M SCPL
msku | Gabon, Africa | Receiver: ASHTECH Z-XII3 | Antenna: ASH701945B_M NONE
npld | London, UK | Receiver: ASHTECH Z-XII3T | Antenna: AOAD/M_T NONE
roch | California, USA | Receiver: ASHTECH Z-XII3 | Antenna: ASH700936D_M SNOW

Their SINEX information can be found in igs_with_former.snx:

Many thanks to the station operators and their respective agency for their contribution to the IGS.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me at cb at igs.org.

Best Regards,
--Robert Khachikyan
IGS Network Coordinator

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From ArdyukovDG at ipgg.sbras.ru Thu Feb 21 22:33:16 2013
From: ArdyukovDG at ipgg.sbras.ru (ArdyukovDG at ipgg.sbras.ru)
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2013 06:33:16 +0000
Subject: [IGSSTATION-5301] NVSK lost data in DOY 052-053
Message-ID: <6FF1034E98920B42B3D443636CCB59C1459F9BB1@exch-mdb1.sbras.ru>

Author: Dmitriy Ardyukov.

Due power outage we lost meteo data from 06 hour DOY 049 to 04 hour DOY 053.
And we lost data in from 06:46 DOY 052 to 04:30 DOY 053.

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