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Sujet : [IGSMAIL-3162]: IGS Analysis Coordinator (22925)
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Date : 07-Jan-2001 13:07 -
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IGS Electronic Mail 07 Jan 04:07:45 PST 2001 Message Number 3162

Author: T.A. Springer

Dear IGS Colleagues,

First of all let me wish you all the very best for the year 2001!

As most of you probably have heard and/or noticed I have stepped down as
IGS Analysis Coordinator on 1-1-2001. However, I forgot to officially
announce this over the IGSMAIL until now, an oversight which I am correcting
with this e-mail. I would like to thank you all very much for your support and
cooperation during all my IGS years, not only the years spend as Analysis
Coordinator. I have always enjoyed my work for and in the IGS very much ever
since its beginning in 1992. I am sure that I will always look back on my
years within the IGS with great pleasure.

The Astronomical Institute of the University of Berne (AIUB) has managed to
find a new and very capable person to take over my responsibilities as IGS
Analysis Coordinator. Given the short time which was available to fill
in the ACC position this is a great achievement!
The new ACC is Dr. Robert Weber who works at the University of Technology
in Vienna, Austria, at the Institute of Theoretical Geodesy and Geophysics.
I am sure most of you know him as he has an excellent academic record. For
the ACC activities Robert will work together with the AIUB in Bern and will
also spend some of his time at the AIUB. Notice that Robert has spend two years
at the AIUB in the time-frame 1993 to 1995. During this time he was responsible
for the CODE Analysis Center activities, so he is no stranger to the institute.
Robert Weber was accepted as the new Analysis Coordinator by the IGS
governing board during its meeting on December 13, 2000. Prior the the
Governing Board meeting all IGS Analysis Centers had given their "blessing"
and full support to Robert as being the new ACC.

As you might have noticed Robert Weber has already taken over the
responsibilities as Analysis Coordinator. I would like to take this
opportunity to wish Robert all the best with his new responsibilities and
I hope he will find as much pleasure in the work as I did.

For the years to come I hope to stay in contact with the IGS. My new e-mail
address is:
timon.springer at eas.ericsson.se (timon.springer at ericsson.com works as well).

Once more my best wishes to you all for 2001,
Tim Springer

ps. Robert's e-mail is: rweber at terra.tuwien.ac.at