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Sujet : [IGSSTATION-5833] KAT1: H-Maser Maintenance [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED] (31693)
De . Ryan.Ruddick at ga.gov.au - Ryan.Ruddick@ga.gov.au
Date : 18-Jun-2014 06:20 -
À : igsstation@igscb.jpl.nasa.gov
Stations : KAT1 - DOMES : 59968M001
Author: Ryan Ruddick

Geoscience Australia
Australian Regional GPS Network

Site ID : KAT1
DOMES No: 59968M001
Location: Katherine (Northern Territory, Australia)

Dear Colleagues,

During this week some unscheduled maintenance work has been carried out to the H-Maser that is connected to the KAT1 GNSS receiver. Unfortunately this has resulted in some tracking issues and loss of data between day of year 166 and 169.

A note has been made in the station log file, which is available from the GA FTP site and IGS.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

Kind regards,

Ryan Ruddick
Geoscience Australia

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From stoeger at fs.wettzell.de Wed Jun 18 01:27:13 2014
From: stoeger at fs.wettzell.de (=?ISO-8859-1?Q?Rudolf_St=F6ger?=)
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2014 10:27:13 +0200
Subject: [IGSSTATION-5834] WTZR Upgrade of the firmware from 3.03/6.214 to
Message-ID: <53A14D61.5090705@fs.wettzell.de>

Author: Rudi Stoeger

Ladies and Gentlemen

My colleague Uwe Hessels upgraded the
firmware in the LEICA GR25 in the
WTZR GNSS Permanent Tracking Station in the
Geoedetical Observatory Wettzell, Germany
from 3.03/6.214 to 3.10/6.401,

With best regards