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Tadahiro GOTOH 08-Feb-2006 09:37
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Tadahiro GOTOH 06-Mar-2002 02:12
Sujet : [IGSSTATION-811]: KGN0: reference signal was changed (27538)
De . Tadahiro GOTOH - tara@nict.go.jp
Date : 08-Feb-2006 09:37 -
À : igsstation@igscb.jpl.nasa.gov
Stations : KGN0
IGS Station Mail 08 Feb 00:37:36 PST 2006 Message Number 811

Author: Tadahiro GOTOH

Dear IGS Colleagues,

NICT moved UTC(NICT) timing system to a new building.
However, KGN0 is still working with the old system
as a reference signal, and it is not UTC(NICT).
I sent new site log to IGS CB.

We have to withdraw the GPS facility from the old building.
Then, KGN0 will finish the observation at end of March, 2006.

Sincerely yours,
Tadahiro GOTOH

Tadahiro GOTOH (tara at nict.go.jp)
Time and Frequency Measurements Group, NICT
4-2-1, Nukui-Kitamachi, Koganei,
Tokyo 184-9795, JAPAN